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Living Wills

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  • A Living Will is a legal document in which you state your wishes about certain kinds of medical treatments and life-prolonging procedures.

    I have experienced first hand what can happen to a family when a person's wishes are not spelled out specifically if something bad happens to them. Trust me when I tell you that you want to do everything possible to keep the government out of your life. The fiasco in Florida has reminded us all that we need to have our intentions known A living will is a way to do this. I looked on Wikipedia and Clark Howard's web site and gathered together what I consider to be helpful information concerning Living Wills. Of course, you still should consult an attorney to make sure that everything is in place. I can't make any endorsements about the information I have placed here. I am only trying to provide a resource for Living Will samples and downloads of Living Will forms.

    You can obtain more information about Living Wills from the Partnership for Caring if there site will load. They have been getting an enormous amount of hits lately and their server is feeling the stress.

    Partnership for Caring
    (formerly Choice in Dying)
    Box 97290
    Washington, DC 20077-7205
    (800) 989-9455

    Free Downloads of Living Will Forms

    There are plenty of sites that are more than willing to take your money to sell you a Living Will form. You can find some of them through the ads on this site. They are worth checking out, but to avoid paying you can download forms from the links below. I am not a lawyer (it would break my mother's heart if I was), so I can't verify how good these forms are, but I am sure they are way better than not having anything. If you do a Google search for your state's bar association you can get free Living Will downloads from your state's bar as well as the sites below.

    Caring Conversations - Contains Healthcare Directive and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare forms

    State Specific Living Will forms - Free downloads of Living Will forms. Go here to get your free copy of Living Will forms for your state. Again, I'm not a Lawyer, but this link to will provide you with a simple form that will at the least get something in writing. Best Link on this page in my opinion.

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    Directory of Bar Associations by State